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Wildlife garden
Wildlife Garden

Photography © Martin Scott
Croir - Great Bernera - Outer Hebrides (Western Isles)
10th November, 2008

'I couldn't find the Yellow-browed Warblers, but I did find a Waxwing (poor pic attached - it was under the apple trees!), Goldcrest, Woodcock and a Chiffchaff - some nice gardens in the area which are sheltered even in the gales. A Blackcap at Earshiadar.'


Wildlife Garden

The BTO have just released a free publication called Get Planting for Birds for WInter
(Available in hardcopy or as a downloadable pdf document)

"It is not just the food we put out on bird tables that attracts birds into our gardens. Many ornamental shrubs produce berries that are favoured by thrushes, while other plants provide seeds or nesting opportunities. Given that early winter is the ideal time to plant trees and shrubs, the BTO Garden BirdWatch Team has just launched a new guide on the subject, full of information to help you select suitable plants for birds ..."

Here in the Western Isles we have a wild oceanic climate - some plants just don't make it to maturity or take a very long time to grow a few inches. Sue at the local pottery said it took 17 years for her Hawthorn hedge just to flower for the first time.

How about we create our own online guide of what we have learnt about the shubs and other plants (wild ones too) which do well here and provide food or/and good bird (and other wildlife) habitat? Considering not only what we plant this autumn, but also what we let grow wild.

Climate change predictions suggest severe weather coming more frequently, please tell us about habitat where you see birds feed or shelter.




Initially we are collecting notes which will later be developed into a new section
See the wildlife garden notes


Please email your ideas and observations to Suzanne



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