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Waste Transfer Note?

A waste transfer note is just a simple written receipt accepting responsibility to ensure that an item is disposed of properly.

Businesses now need to account for how they have disposed of their waste. Including if they give it for recycle or reuse.

They may also need to be registered for transporting it.


Unsure if you need one?

Email jamie.hepburn@sepa.org.uk at our local Western Isles SEPA office
or phone: 01851 706477

There are some substances which are controlled waste.
These can only be transferred to someone with a special license as they are hazardous!


Where to Get a Waste Transfer Note

In Stornoway Waste Transfer notes are sold at (what was) Point 1 at Bayhead, in packs of 10 ( pack £8.99 at time of writing.)

Blank Waste Transfer Notes are NOT available at Bennadrove dump/recycling centre.

The Waste Transfer Note is of a special layout that is fed into a machine when you visit the recycling centre. Additional official information is then printed into boxes on the form , this means a hand drawn version of the Waste Transfer Note is not suitable.

It does not take very long to deliver your waste to the recycling centre. At reception you drive onto a weighbrige and present your Waste Transfer Note on which you have filled in your details, you are then are directed to the appropiate area to offload, and on your way out, your vehicle is reweighed, your form completed and off you go.

It can be muddy up there so take your wellies and overalls!


The Scottish Environmental Protection Agency have been assessing waste across the island, so if you dismantle an asbestos roofed shed etc, you may be called upon to show proof of what you did with the asbestos - a hazardous waste.


There is no fee applicable for private individuals disposing of small amounts of waste at the recycling centre.



Waste Transfer Note Story


A local builder gave windows
he was replacing to a man to
make a garden cold frame

Windows not wasted

The man changed his mind
and dumped the windows
by the roadside.

Dumping waste



The builder was traced
and fined for
irresponsibly disposing
of his waste.

Dumped rubbish



If our builder had received
a waste transfer note
in exchange for the windows
he might be :

still open
to helping people

financially better off!


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