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Western Isles recycle first article is about how to recycle and reuse plastic.


Recycling plastic?

Reuse the plastic items first until reusing is no longer an option.
Refillable containers made from recycled plastic in the first place are best!

Tips to reuse plastic items:
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82 Western Isles Recycle
Old fishnet from the beach etc attached to firmly placed posts divides the garden, making it visually more interesting, plus has a useful windbreak effect, and can be put to a height where the wind would blow over a nomal fence
Anu, Sorrel and Ela
82 Western Isles Recycle
Clear plastic lids from big yogurt pots are perfect fit for some flowerpots to germinate seeds
Anne W
81 Western Isles Recycle
Keep water in plasic bags (bashed into bits with rolling pin) as a cold compress
Western Isles Recycle
Weaving Art: Strips of plastic woven together to make tablemats
79 Western Isles Recycle
Cut tops and bottoms off milk bottles and insert half inside each other to make an aquaduct to transport water in summer from your drainpipe to veg patch
Sarah C

Western Isles Recycle
Put ordinary polythene over your peat stack / item you want kept dry and hold down with old fish net from beach. Our boat and peat stack covered like this has resisted all gales including the 2005 Hurricane in Ness

77 Western Isles Recycle
Cut the top end off same sized bottles and stack them for circular 
shelving to keep things in eg underwear, toys, hobby stuff etc..
C Green

Western Isles Recycle
The Woodland Trust recycles mobile phones to help preserve woodland habitats...to order a free posting envelope telephone: 0800 970 5097 quoting "Woodland Trust Bag" or email: WTbags@answerthecall.co.uk

75 Western Isles Recycle
I stood my peat stack on top of old fishboxes last year - it kept much drier at the base.
74 Western Isles Recycle
Use an empty 5 litre water bottle as a propagator. Cut three sides, leaving one as a hinge, around the top of the widest part. Pop plant in, close and wrap cling film around cut to seal and keep humidity levels up. Remove bottle cap every day for a short time to allow air to circulate or to breathe carbon dioxide into bottle to give plants a boost.
Sandy M
73 Western Isles Recycle
Plastic boxes that mushrooms come in make great seed trays. Just heat a metal skewer and make holes in the bottom. This is smelly, it is best done outside, stack a few boxes inside each other and do all at once.

Western Isles Recycle
Brita will recycle their water filters.

Brita wrote in:

"...Recycling bins are now situated in a range of high street stores such as Robert Dyas, Argos and Cargo. Other major retailer collection points will be following soon.

The BRITA branded bins will be located next to the existing water filter category in store. Customers can recycle any BRITA consumer product filter cartridge, including those for the new BRITA water filter taps.

For further information regarding this scheme please contact the BRITACare department on 0844 742 4800".


71 Western Isles Recycle
Use scrunched plastic bags to pad Christmas decorations in storage
70 Western Isles Recycle
Frosts will soon be upon us, pop an old bucket over a non-hardy plant as an instant protection
69 Western Isles Recycle
Launch fireworks from an old bucket filled with sand
68 Western Isles Recycle
Old fishing net to keep rabbits out of the veg patch
67 Western Isles Recycle
Drill holes in old buckets - plant them and use as plant tubs
66 Western Isles Recycle
Unravel a short length of nylon rope and use it as string .
Don Great for tying plastic bags to recycle...
65 Western Isles Recycle
Cut down old plastic wellies to make slip on galoshes for nipping outside
64 Western Isles Recycle
Cut down a large squash bottle that has a handle on it - nail to your bench as a an electric drill holder
63 Western Isles Recycle
Plastic tub lids make great frisbees
62 Western Isles Recycle
Saw the bottom off an old plastic drum - paint it and you have a large plant drip-tray
61 Western Isles Recycle
CD cases make good picture frames
60 Western Isles Recycle
Use polytunnel tape to repair plastic bags
59 Western Isles Recycle
Save the salad tray from an old fridge to reuse as a plant propagator
58 Western Isles Recycle
Lino and old carpets to suppress weeds under gravel areas
E. Walters
57 Western Isles Recycle
Tie old CDs on string in the garden to discourage birds from crops
56 Western Isles Recycle
Louise M.
55 Western Isles Recycle
If you have a rolled newspaper delivered, a length of plastic drainpipe is good rainproof holder.
54 Western Isles Recycle
A Hebridean specialty is mailboxes made from recycled plastic boxes
ANON Send us a diagram!
53 Western Isles Recycle
My neighbor has a small mink - proof chicken house made from a blue silage drum (even has a hinged door!)
52 Western Isles Recycle
I recently saw a trailer which had mudguards made out of old fishboxes!
51 Western Isles Recycle
Carry one or two carrier bags when you walk the beach etc. Feel good when you clear a bit of rubbish.
50 Western Isles Recycle
People selling their fruit and veg can often reuse clean supermarket plastic veg trays.
49 Western Isles Recycle
A plastic water bottle makes a great dog toy. Remove the lid.
48 Western Isles Recycle
The wool mills give a small refund on the yarn bobbins
B.L. Unfortunately incorrect
47 Western Isles Recycle
Plastic tubs are useful for organizing drawers or workshop shelving etc
46 Western Isles Recycle
Plastic baths to soak your willow for baskets
45 Western Isles Recycle
Sell useful plastic items in the Western Isles Auction or put them in at 1p if you want to just offer them!
44 Western Isles Recycle
Coal sacks reused for collecting seaweed...
43 Western Isles Recycle
Western Isles compost heaps tend to be too wet to work fast -water them then cover them with old polythene
42 Western Isles Recycle
Tie together short pieces of rope collected on the shore to use in the garden for beans etc
41 Western Isles Recycle
Large pieces of heavyweight plastic - or two plastic sacks cut open suppress weeds under trees too - peg with U shaped piece of fence wire
40 Western Isles Recycle
Large pieces of heavyweight plastic - or plastic sacks cut open suppress weeds under gravel paths
39 Western Isles Recycle
The old polytunnel plastic makes a great peat stack cover - tie a small piece of peat into the corners and at intervals along the edges with the guy ropes
38 Western Isles Recycle
Western Isles Action Aid in Stornoway are collecting printer cartridges for recycling
37 Western Isles Recycle
Strips off that same hose with rope threaded through make a tree support
Ela Image of a star for plastic resuse idea
36 Western Isles Recycle
Recycle a leaky garden hose to make good soft bucket handles
Ela      Note: There are connectors to repair garden hoses
35 Western Isles Recycle
Buy in bulk and refill a small container - economical too!
34 Western Isles Recycle
Did anyone mention to reuse old plastic bags to line bins instead of buying new ones?
33 Western Isles Recycle
Kids love playing with plastic containers in the bath - make doors for figures in some.
32 Western Isles Recycle
If you use grow bags, then the tops off bottles, or broken plastic flower pots pushed in beside the plant aids watering
31 Western Isles Recycle
Children's piggy bank rainy day project. Cut a small hole in a bottle and paint it.
30 Western Isles Recycle
Fill a small plastic bottle half with water and half with vegetable oil. Add some food coloring and glitter, put the lid on very tightly to make a toddler toy
29 Western Isles Recycle
Old toothbrushes are really useful reused in the toolbox
28 Western Isles Recycle
Freeze a plastic bottle of water an use as a picnic cool pack
27 Western Isles Recycle
Saw the top off plastic drums to make storage containers for the recycling
26 Western Isles Recycle
Make a rainy day children's game of skittles and reuse plastic bottles
25 Western Isles Recycle
Plastic mesh bags scrunched up make a scourer
24 Western Isles Recycle
Putting a plastic bag around a seed tray can aid germination of seedlings.
23 Western Isles Recycle
Did anyone mention storage :)
22 Western Isles Recycle
Reuse plastic carrier bags when you go shopping...
21 Western Isles Recycle
Plastic carrier Bags are welcomed at the second hand shops in Stornoway and the Library can reuse some.
20 Western Isles Recycle
Some plastic pots can be reused as plant pots.
19 Western Isles Recycle
Reuse plastic tubs for packed lunches.
18 Western Isles Recycle
A plastic shower curtain is great on the floor when little ones (or big ones!) are painting.
ANONImage of a star for a great plastic resuse idea
17 Western Isles Recycle
Cut the top off a bottle as a plant propagator
16 Western Isles Recycle
Fill plastic carrier bags with scrunched up newspaper to fill empty freezer space - saves energy too!
ElaImage of a star award for a  plastic resuse idea
15 Western Isles Recycle
Travel light - use a film canister sewing kit or just decant some of a a large pot of suntan cream into it
14 Western Isles Recycle
I have heard you can make a "rag rug" with plastic carrier bags!
13 Western Isles Recycle
Scrunch up plastic carrier bags as lightweight packing material when posting things.
12 Western Isles Recycle
Stuff plastic carrier bags into gaps in the shed etc to stop drafts.
11 Western Isles Recycle
If you are painting and stop for a while putting the brush in a plastic bags stops it from drying out.
10 Western Isles Recycle
The Scottish law says you have to clean up after your dog in a public place - plastic bags useful there.
9 Western Isles Recycle
Emergency make do if you have leaky wellies, or have to put on wet shoes.
8 Western Isles Recycle
If you wear a wet suit a good trick is to put carrier bags on under your boots - it makes it MUCH easier to get them off again!
7 Western Isles Recycle
I saw an idea for making a bird feeder out of a plastic pop bottle. Make about 20 small holes near the bottom, then two holes one either side and push a stick through as a perch. Use a funnel to fill it.
Mairi               very inventive! Image of a star for a great reuse idea
6 Western Isles Recycle
Drying plastic bags which you have washed to reuse is easy, if you hang them in the airing cupboard pegged on a sock rack.
5 Western Isles Recycle
Reduce the need for plastic carrier bags by having good cloth shopping bags and baskets...
4 Western Isles Recycle
Take items to the second hand shops or give them to the Sale of Work
3 Western Isles Recycle
Cut margarine tubs and their lids into strips - they make great plant labels in the greenhouse.
2 Western Isles Recycle
Plastic bath for a fish pond?
1 Western Isles Recycle
Cut the top off a large drinks bottle to make a funnel

Thank you to all the contributors who have helped to make this resource.

If you cannot reuse it


Waste Aware Western Isles:

All Plastic food and drink containers such as margarine tubs, yogurt pots, shampoo, washing liquid bottles and Plastic bags (tied together) can be recycled


Western Isles Recycling Points


Recycling Plastic




Large plastic items
with the recycle logo
take to the Recycling
Centre at Bennadrove
(report to weighbridge)


Businesses need register as carriers of waste
and have a
Waste Transfer Note
pads available from
Stornoway stationers







Brittle plastic usually cannot be recycled - look for the recycle logo









Western Isles Recycle!



Tetra-Pak Cartons
and crisp packets
cannot be recycled






In the UK we use an
average of 134 carrier bags
each a year!




All the plastic in the
Western Isles was
brought in
it is still pouring in!









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Recycling collection dates

Stornoway Kerbside Collection Scheme





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Hall of Fame

If your business
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section at our
Western Isles Auction

We add a free
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you actively
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in the Western Isles
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Need a
Waste Transfer Note?
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recycle in our
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Is the rumor true
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Snaffle Up - The recycling web site designed to keep useful items out of landfill

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