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Beltane, the first of May and the start of summer has brought day after day of glorious sunshine. It has been so dry I have to water the garden to keep the seed beds from drying out and the seedlings from shrivelling in the heat.

Almost overnight it seemed that everything turned green and lush with a sudden burst of growth all around.

It is such a busy time in the garden as young plants need planting out, seedling to be transplanted and succesional sowings of salad, flowers and greens all want space in the greenhouse and cold frames. I am constantly shuffling and moving trays and pots around to get a few feet extra space.

I am still eating last year’s greens of sprouting broccoli and cabbage that had a new spurt of soft green growth that taste so delicious, supplemented with fresh salad greens and herbs, which is just great as this years green, are not big enough to munch on yet.

We are not the only ones busy in the garden. The birds constantly flit back and forth gathering nesting materials stopping for a quick meal of seeds and dried fruit and a few beakfuls of water. In this dry weather its good to have a shallow dish of water for them to drink and bathe.

The beetroot is just beginning to show but no sign of the carrots yet. Onions are looking good, the herb patch is thriving and the fish boxes are bursting with a vigorous growth of salad leaves.

There is still a lot to plant out, transplant and sow and harden off. Some of which are leaf beet, cauliflower, Swiss chard, sweet peas, French marigolds, mesembryantemums, French beans, swan river daisies and snapdragons.

This months sowings are kale (successional), spring onions (successional) salad greens (successional) sweet peas (successional) pansy, cress, sprouting broccoli, honesty, kohl rabi, lupin, godetia, sage, poppy, cornflowers, peas (successional), night scented stock and calendula.

I hope your garden is giving you as much joy as mine and soon there will be time to sit back and enjoy the fruits of our labour.

Happy Gardening Everyone!!

Callanish, May 2008
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