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Western Isles gardening in June is sporadic this year if you are not a hardy sort. We have had rain for at least part of most days during the last couple of weeks. Those with electric mowers are likely starting to feel a bit overwhelmed as the grass gets longer. When the grass has grown fairly tall it makes it's own micro-climate holding in the moisture, and hardly ever drys out, it does not take long to get too tall for an electric mower to cut at all.

If you wondered what happened to April and May gardening pages, I was busy in the garden, and the peats etc..
Are you a mainlander with dreams of getting away from the rat race to the Outer Hebrides? you are in for a surprise, it is full-on here in summer, especially around the solstice, just as the plants are growing night and day, the skylarks singing past midnight, so are the people active for long long days, perhaps that is why we slow down a bit in winter and recover.

Compost Bins

Our local council offered 3 new free plastic compost bins made out of 100% recycled plastic to each Lewis household.

Jokes about the Scots not sending money abound, but the reality is that they are some of the most generous folk I have ever met, and spend money carefully, and will gather where the bargains are.

The giveaway was from the new Creed recycling centre in Stornoway.
There was a 3 hour traffic jam along our only main road tailbacks for mile with hundreds of vehicles, people missed ferries etc.

The Police were there with blue lights flashing, they had to close the giveaway early because of fears for public safety, emergency vehicles could not get through.

The bin supply of over 4000 bins ran out in 2 hours. The giveaway was due to start at 10am folk were arriving at 9am to be sure of their supply By 10am the queues stretched in both direcions. (Rumour has it that someone turned up with a lorry wanting 200 bins for his village)

The story made the BBC main news and was even covered in the Canadian press.

Ideas people were talking about for using the compost bins - why there was a rush on!

Coal bunkers
Peat dross for cat litter
Dog kennel
Animal feed storage
Coal dross
Peat Bunker
Children' toys
Garden Tools
Peat sacks
Water butts (Surprise they are bottomless)
Beer making Surprise they are bottomless) only a rumour...
Kids playhouses here is a picture


June 2006

Local horticultural groups or gardener's clubs can add details of meetings etc to the garden page - email webmaster.

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The wildflowers in your
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like your soil, will grow well

Western Isles Wild Flowers


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The Callanish Stones
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