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IWestern Isles Gardent is Imbolc. The time of the returning light and are we not all gladdened by the lengthening days?

I woke this morning to a landscape cloaked in white, the distant hills glistening in the weak rays of the sun. It certainly didn’t feel like spring might be close, more like the grip of winter still.

But everywhere I look there are signs of spring. The daffodils and crocus are shooting upwards and tiny buds are on the shrubs.

Sally scarecrow guarding the welsh onions.

I sowed my first seeds to celebrate Imbolc, broad beans because I just love the fat juicy shoots they send out and their long sturdy roots. I also sowed aubergine again, although last year they just stayed no more than about 5” tall and then shrivelled up. But I thought I would give them one more go. If anyone knows any secrets about growing these I would be glad to know.

These are just a token sowing to give me hope for another growing season that is not too far away, when pots and trays of seeds and seedlings will surround me.

I will have the greenhouse roof to mend before I can put anything in there as the weather has taken its toll as it does every year. It is only a few tears in the polythene and I am always glad to see that the roof is still on after a big gale.

Just a reminder that spring is not too far away.

I am still looking and hoping for your gardening stories and tips.

Until next time, happy seed sowing.


Callanish, February, 2008

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