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Western Isles Garden visitor : Coal Tit

I cannot believe that it is already the end of another year, where does time go??

I woke up this morning to a white frosty landscape; it looked beautiful and very festive. My thoughts went to the wee birdies who were squabbling over the bird feeder, so I got together some nuts, seeds, oats, dried fruit and left over cous cous and put some on the ground and on the bird table, at least that should stop them squabbling for a minute or two.

I’ve been trying to get out when ever I can to do a bit of tidying and weeding, This morning was no exception, even though the ground had not quite defrosted I got outside and lifted a few weeds. They came out exceptionally well, the soil was loose friable and not the usual wet clods that sticks to everything. The birds are grateful too for the turned earth, revealing worms and bugs to feast upon.

The next few months will be arduous for garden and wildlife alike and we can all help by feeding the birds regularly and not excessively tidying away the dying vegetation but leaving some for shelter against the inevitable gales and rain.

Its also a good time to plan out next years crops and layout and perhaps some of the hard landscaping you have been thinking about and not yet got around to.

I wish you all a very merry Christmas and a happy and healthy new year.


December, 2008


The photograph of a Coal Tit was taken in Stornoway by Debbie Bozkurt

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