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April has come in with blue skies, gentle breezes and warm sunshine. Yes I am still in the Western Isles!! The greenhouse is full of seedlings and I am having to take out the biggest and strongest out and into the cold frames to make room for more seed trays.


I love this time of year. I swear that when I go into the greenhouse and stand quiet I can hear the seedlings growing!


I have had a few casualties, mainly my Nemesia which the slugs love and have devoured most of the second sowing, even though I put down bran to entice them away from the benches. So yesterday I put copper tape round the trays and I shall let you know if it works.

The sun has had most people out and about in their gardens. I can hear the odd thump of a hammer and the thunk of a spade as it hits rock just below the surface! It’s nice to see people emerging out of winter hibernation.

I planted out my first cabbages in a cold frame, mostly trying to keep the cats digging them up. They do like a good patch of freshly dug and raked soil. I did find last year that putting down orange and lemon peel around vulnerable plants kept the cats away. They hate citrus. I also watered with lemon essential oil but that soon disperses.

My plan this month in the garden is to continue my battle against slugs, cats, pigeons and weather and to do the second and third sowings of those seeds that have germinated.

I have had fleece and black plastic over the raised beds to warm up the soil, so I shall sow beetroot and carrots this month. Other first sowings will be red cabbage, kohlrabi, broccoli,kale,poppies, mesembryantheum, stocks,zinnia, larkspur and rudbeckia. So, all of that along with my successional sowing should keep me busy.

It is a good time to take lupin cuttings, plant early potatoes and to take time out to enjoy the view, hear the bird song and pass on any extra seedlings, cuttings and thinning to neighbours and friends.

Happy Easter to you all.


4th April, 2007


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