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Bird Sightings : Hebrides : Pechora Pipit



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Pechora Pipit

Anthus gustavi

  • Pechora Pipit
  • Anthus gustavi
  • UK: 1958-2005 64 records. 1 record a year BTO
  • UK: Scarce Visitor
  • WI: Our 1st record.
  • Breeding: Lays 4-5 eggs in nest on ground. Tundra North Asia to North Russia
  • Wintering: Indonesia , Malaysia. Occasionally occurs in W Europe Sept & Oct. Sometimes Fair Isle
  • Habitat: Damp tundra, open forest, marshland, damp scrub
  • Diet: Mostly insects
  • Pipit with heavily brown streaking above and whitish mantle stripes. White belly has black markings. Buff breast. (Heavier bill, brighter mantle stripes, & more contrast between breast & belly than a Red-throated Pipit). Hides in long grass & reluctant to fly even when disturbed.
  • Similar birds Red-throated Pipit

There is a photo of a Pechora Pipit on the BBC web site in an article about the 300+ twitchers who flocked to see the Welsh bird in 2007



Pechora Pipit records in the Western Isles

Our first record:

"We had a Pechora Pipit on 4th/5th. This was at Knock-cuien, North Uist.... An extremely skulking species and another new bird for the Outer Hebrides."

Brian Rabbitts County Bird Recorder


The chart below shows how abundant the Pechora Pipit is during a month or when you are more likely to see it.
















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